Sunday, December 30, 2018

2019 Just the Facts, Ma'am Challenge

This challenge is found here. I am reading from the Golden Age of mysteries (published prior to 1960).  Read all about it and join in! 

  • Constable: 6 books/1 per category. COMPLETE
  • Detective Sergeant: 12 books/2 per category: COMPLETE
  • Inspector: 18 books/3 per category: underway!
  • Inspired Amateur: 24 books/4 per category:

My goal level will (hopefully) increase as the books get read... In 2018 I attained Chief Inspector level at 24 books.

Photo from Grand Valley State University Police Academy by Rick VanGrouw

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Titles below are links to my reviews.


  • (Academic): Deep Lay the Dead by Frederick C. Davis (1942), in which our detective Rigby Webb is a Professor of Mathematics
  • (Watson Narrator): Might As Well Be Dead by Rex Stout (1956), with Archie Goodwin as narrator


  • (Color in title): The Black Heart by Sydney Horler (1928)
  • (Means in title): Give 'Em the Ax by A. A. Fair (1944) 
  • (Includes letters): The Roman Hat Mystery by Ellery Queen (1929), in which letters are used as a basis for blackmail.
  • (Literary allusion): The Origin of Evil by Ellery Queen (1951), in which the title is a takeoff of Darwin's The Origin of Species, which plays a role in the plot.


  • (Timing of crime is crucial): The Perfect Crime by Ellery Queen (1942), in which several events, including the murder, occur over a span of 10 minutes; and analysis of the sequence of the events reveals the murderer.
  • (World War II): Speak No Evil by Mignon Eberhart (1940), in which the victim is a dealer in war materiel; prior to US entry into the war.
  • (Special event): Stream Sinister by Kathleen Moore Knight (1945), in which murder and mayhem occurs centered around a birthday celebration for one of two twins - but has one come back from the dead?


  • (On an island): Footbridge to Death by Kathleen Moore Knight (1947), which occurs on Penberthy Island off Massachusetts. (Note - started the book in Dec 2018, so the review post has that date on it, finished it in Jan 2019)
  • (Small village): Q As In Quicksand by Lawrence Treat (1947), which is set in Gobelin, Pennsylvania
  • (Other country): The Come Back by Carolyn Wells (1921), in which the first half of the book takes place in Labrador, Canada.
  • (Locked room): Deep Lake Mystery by Carolyn Wells (1928)


  • (knife): In The Onyx Lobby by Carolyn Wells (1920)
  • (2 deaths by different means): The Tainted Token by Kathleen Moore Knight (1939), two victims are stabbed, one falls to his death.
  • (Poison): And Be a Villain by Rex Stout (1948), in which two victims are poisoned by cyanide.


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