Sunday, December 30, 2018

2019 Just the Facts, Ma'am Challenge

This challenge is found here. My goal is to achieve the Constable level by reading6 books from the Golden Age of mysteries (published prior to 1960) during 2019: 1 from each category of the Detective Notebook below. Read all about it and join in! 

My goal level will increase as the books get read... In 2018 I attained Chief Inspector level at 24 books.

Photo from Grand Valley State University Police Academy by Rick VanGrouw

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Titles below are links to my reviews.




  • (Timing of crime is crucial): The Perfect Crime by Ellery Queen (1942), in which several events, including the murder, occur over a span of 10 minutes; and analysis of the sequence of the events reveals the murderer.


  • (On an island): Footbridge to Death by Kathleen Moore Knight (1947), which occurs on Penberthy Island off Massachusetts. (Note - started the book in Dec 2018, so the review post has that date on it, finished it in Jan 2019)
  • (Other country): The Come Back by Carolyn Wells (1921), in which the first half of the book takes place in Labrador, Canada.
  • (Locked room): Deep Lake Mystery by Carolyn Wells (1928)


  • (Poison): And Be a Villain by Rex Stout (1948), in which two victims are poisoned by cyanide.


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