Sunday, December 30, 2018

2019 Alphabet Soup Challenge - Author Edition

This challenge is found here. The goal is to read 26 books of your choice during 2019: each author's name (first or last) starting with a different letter of the alphabet. Read all about it and join in! Here is my inspirational statement for you:

[I] Always Begin Carefully Dissecting Every Forgotten Good [book] Hoping I Just Keep Literally [finding] My Next [book] On Paper. [Reading] Quotas Really Stink [but] They Ultimately Vanish With X’s [checked off on my] Yearly Zen-like [reading list].

My titles highlighted in green are completed
My title highlighted in yellow is under the reading lamp right now
My titles shown in grey are upcoming reads

25 of 26 complete!

Titles below are links to my reviews.

My 2019 Alphabet Soup bowl:

* short story, could not locate full length book by a "U" author.

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